The summer has flown by and it is time to plan where to sail as the temperature cools and hurricane season ends.  My first job is to ask for your assistance in making this a great cruising season for our members and, hopefully, some new faces.

I want to go to Cuba this season!  How do we get there? 

My goal is to have three Cruise Captains, plus myself, to take the lead for planning and taking charge of individual cruises.  Some will be close to home, and one or two will be adventures.  As a cruise captain, you would take the lead on at least one cruise (and possibly a second) for the whole season.  With three captains it becomes an easy and fun project and not another job.

As it turns out, I will be out of the country until September 12, crewing on a sailboat delivery from Greece to Portugal for the month of October and the first week of November.  Translation:  I will not have time to recruit volunteers.  I ask anyone who is interested in helping to email me at  You don't have to be a Captain.  Many hands make light work!  I can guarantee at least one well-planned cruise, but after that I need help.

First Cruise:  This is a stretch, but my intent is to have a "shake down" cruise on the September 23.  This is an overnighter in the ICW just south of marker 21 in Blackburn Bay (6.5').  Big boats - small boats.  Everyone can come.  Bring a dingy (or share one), beverages of choice, something to eat and maybe something to share if one of the big boats hosts a sundowner.  If there is a race, you will have time to get there on Saturday morning.  LET ME KNOW IF YOU THINK YOU WILL MAKE IT.

Neil Ware (Sabbatical)

Fleet Captain - Cruising