This is the third time within a year that a VSS event scheduled for Lido Key was cancelled do to conditions. We will continue to plan events there in the hopes that we will eventually get a break. The consensus is this is a good day sailing destination with good picnic facilities and access for members with out boats. None the less we made the right call to cancel this time as there was a lightening strike fatality on Siesta Key yesterday afternoon. Great to see everyone that came out to the alternate "pool" party in Nokomis.

There are two more events planed for this Summer. The next event will be a kayak, small boat trip from Blackburn Point to Mid Night Pass on Saturday July 28. If you don't have a small craft, you can rent one onsight. The plan is to meet at  Blackburn Point, launch by 9.30am as a group and head out towards the pass just up the ICW. Information about the event is located on the VSS Calendar.  The group will return before 1 pm for lunch at the Casey Key Fish House. If you can't kayak, consider joining us for lunch at the CK Fish House. Please RSVP by July 23 to the VSS Summer Operations email your intention to join us for boating and or lunch.

The  August event  is the annual VSS Crab Feast. This year we are going back to Casey Key, across from Nokomis Beach to feast on the local Blue Crabs. The event date, Sunday August 26, is determined by the August full moon known as the fish moon.  This is the optimal time to catch the nocturnal crabs as they range through our bays under the moon light. Event details are online at the VSS calendar. Please RSVP to summer operations by August 14th.

If you haven't already renewed your VSS membership for the 2018-2019 season, now is as good a time as any. By renewing now we are better able to plan going forward. The link to renew online is availale here. I look forward to seeing the group together again.

Be safe,