Dear sailors:  

It seems like we were just down at Burnt Store for the Change of Watch, but that was last year and it's time to pass the baton again.  My wife Cindy and I want to thank everyone who participated in this year's meetings and special events and especially those who served in leadership positions.  This is a really great group of people - both the folks we have known for several years now and the new faces we have just come to know in the past year.   And our organization has a great program line-up and annual rhythm - something that we can build on and tweak but also something that provides a solid base as we move forward.  Great people, great program, great venue.  And we have had great success this year in translating this message into new member recruiting as our membership is now about 100!  I especially want to thank & congratulate our outgoing Membership Chair, Lori Jost, for this accomplishment, but it takes a lot of joint effort by the membership to reinforce our message.  So I also want to thank and congratulate each and every one of you for pitching in to make it happen.


One of the challenges each organization faces is that of refreshing its leadership as well as its membership from year to year.  And each time the process begins with a significant challenge.  But the great thing is that we are able to move from one strong leadership group to the next despite significant turnover because we have such a strong reservoir of talent within our membership.  I think you can see this in the following recommendation of the Nominating Committee for your approval at the May 24th Change of Watch.


Again, Cindy and I want to thank you for a great year together.  We look forward to seeing as many folks as possible at the Change of Watch and we look forward to another great season with friends starting in September.