Fellow Sailors:

Summer is fast coming to a close and we have now started the Squadron’s 2015-2016 Watch.  Welcome Aboard!  I have to look at the calendar to believe the time has passed so quickly - please get ready to attend our first Membership Meeting at the Venice Community Center on September 9, 2015.  Our complete calendar for the Squadron year is set forth in a separate section of this TellTale.

A special thanks to former Commodore John Winger for a great prior watch and so graciously offering to accept continuing responsibility for the open position of Fleet Captain-Operations after many years of generosity with his time and leadership skills.   

While your new Squadron management has some of the same cast of characters, there has been a great influx of new talent for the 2015-16 Watch, including Vice Commodore Lou Salhany, Secretary Cindy Winger, Fleet Captain-Cruising David McKie, Directors Vicki Solomon as Chair of a new Events Committee, Jonathan Phillips as Web Site Developer and Chair of a new Publicity Committee, Glenn Heydt as Director at Large.  Also Ken Nolan as Chair of a new Membership Committee and Fran Locke as Chair of Directory Preparation.  On behalf of the entire Venice Sailing Squadron, a hearty “welcome aboard” to these new and able team members, we certainly need your expertise and help.

You can see from the above, in addition to new leadership, we have begun implementation of the concept of “standing committees”.  These committees will help to leverage the efforts of the Bridge and to breathe new life into certain critical areas of our Squadron’s operations.  Please be aware that we still have chair openings for Publicity and Social Director.  We are a membership managed organization and we desperately need your help in managing our Squadron.  Please consider volunteering for a Chair position or member position on one of our standing committees:  New people bring new abilities and creative insights – we need your help!

At recent Board meetings, in addition to the standing committee concept, there are two issues of which you should be aware: 

1.  After over ten years keeping our dues level static, increases in the cost of insurance and function facilities, among other costs and expenses, require that we increase the annual dues for next year by a modest $5 to $70 per year.

2.  We are going to start early to determine if we should change the venue for the May, 2016 Change of Watch.  Please let us have input on sites that you believe would meet our requirements in terms of distance and docking facilities

Here is looking forward to a great new Squadron year.

 That is all!

Bill Gately