Happy Autumn sailors!   We should be thankful that we can enjoy the start of yet another sailing season at this time of year.   While soon to return, Noreen and I are still in the frozen north, where the sailing outlook becomes as grey and gloomy as these New England's skies can turn.

October is a very important month for the Squadron because on October 16-18 the City of Venice conducts its annual Sun Fiesta.   We again have a booth at this fair and, due to Lori Jost's past leadership, the Sun Fiesta has become a tremendously important source for new Squadron members as well as a means to introduce the Squadron to the local community.  This year's initiative will be led by Ken Nolan, Chair of our new Membership Committee.   We have not yet filled the seats on the Membership Committee and we need help so please consider helping us staff our booth for 2 or 3 hours on one of the Fiesta's days.

If you haven't visited our Web site recently, please do.  While still under construction, our site has a new, sophisticated look and feel which is going to attract a lot of increased attention.

At the Squadron's Board meeting next week I am going to ask the Directors to begin addressing the possible improvements we can make to our Squadron during the watch year just started and beyond.  To address these possible changes we need your input on the events, policies and community contributions that you would like to see the Venice Sailing Squadron implement.   Please let us have your suggestions at the next Membership Meeting and, in the interim contact any director with your thoughts.

As a member driven organization, the Squadron is best when driven by all members.   Accordingly, we have begun implementing some changes to make the Squadron and its activities more accessible to you.  As mentioned above, Ken Nolan is chairing a Membership Committee and would like to have members join him in occasional projects to encourage new members and deal with existing membership activities.  Vicki Solomon is forming an Events Committee and has already almost single-handedly organized an entirely new Holiday Party for December 8 with many exciting changes and new surprises in store.   Jonathan Phillips is organizing a Promotion Committee which will complement our new member efforts.  Treasurer Noreen Barrett is implementing a Women's Whine Time that has been an overwhelming success here in Bass River, MA. And there is more to come...............................

Bill Gately