Hello from Cape Cod, Massachusetts! It is very difficult to believe that the summer has passed so quickly. Noreen and I are looking forward to seeing everyone again at the beginning of October!


I hope all of our members had a great summer season. I know that the Squadron's new summer program activities helped in that regard. A special thanks to Ken Nolan, Vice Commodore, Miriam Staveley, Fleet Captain-Operations, and our directors Jonathan Phillips and John Drury for their creativity and efforts to make this new initiative successful.


As we start a new year, please remember that our Board of Directors meets in a conference room at the Venice Community Center each month on the Wednesday prior to our monthly Membership Meeting. All members are invited to attend these meetings, whether to make suggestions, just watch or both (falling asleep during the meetings is allowed but not encouraged). 


To help familiarize you with the operations of the Squadron our Recording Secretary, Jim Fenn, has graciously agreed publish monthly a summary of each Board meeting in the TellTale starting with the October issue.


Your Board is working very hard to implement the changes that the membership would like to see made in how we conduct the Squadron's operations, our cruising, racing and social programs. We need your input in order to be successful in that regard, otherwise we just expend a lot of effort in directions that are not productive to the organization. So, if you have a constructive suggestion, please email me or any other officer or board member with your thoughts or take advantage of the above Board meeting invitation.


Looking forward to a new Watch, new members and new initiatives,


Bill Gately