Fellow Sailors: 

Although it has never stopped me, I normally have nothing of interest to say each month. This month is an exception. We have had, and will continue to have, a lot of sailing activities going on so let me summarize:

  1. On January 30 and 31, 2016 the Squadron, together with the Venice Yacht Club and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron sponsored the annual Windjammer Regatta. We had 20 boats participating which was a much higher number than expected. Squadron representatives Rolf Hahn and John Lynch scored first place and second place, respectively, in the Spinnaker Class; and Bill Gately scored first place in the Cruising Class. Exceptionally light winds befouled fellow sailors Bob Shapiro, Lou Salhany, Jerry Cashion and Bob Hellyer. With first place finishes Bill Gately and Rolf Hahn drank most of the beer from the keg we provided for all participants after the Saturday race.
  2. By the time you read this article we will have conducted our February 28, 2016, Member Day Sail, wherein boat owners take interested Squadron members out for a day sail on the Gulf.  More on this in next month's TellTale.
  3. On March 13th we conduct our Big Boat Regatta for the benefit of the Venice Youth Boating Association (VYBA). This is a major treat for the young sailors as they sail on what to them looks like our gigantic boats since they have been learning to sail on the Opti's and 420's.  If you have a boat and have not yet signed up for this event, I can assure you that the looks on the kids' faces as they steer your boat will make your entire effort worthwhile.
  4. Your Commodore has been working diligently to create more synergy between the Venice Sailing Squadron and the Venice Yacht Club. I am also a flag officer at the Yacht Club, being Fleet Captain-Sail. Accordingly, I am working hard to take advantage of the potential conflicts-of-interests. In that regard, theVenice Yacht Club will be extending a special invitation to our Squadron members to participate in the annual Blessing of the Fleet on Memorial Day, and to return to the Club after the Blessing. The event will include a gathering of boats on the Gulf and, with a police escort and City fireboat present, boats will proceed to the inlet next to Higel Park. Your boat and her captain will be announced, and the Fleet Chaplains will perform the Blessing. Festivities to follow. Please keep this May 30, 2016, date open.

Well, we have much more to talk about but our Tell Tale editor, Fran Locke, is at our house right now looking over my shoulder as I write this article. She just whacked me in the back of the head and said, "Enough is enough!" That probably means that (1) I have finished this article and (2) I will have a headache. 



Bill Gately