The month of October saw a major change in the officer and board structure of the Venice Sailing Squadron.  Both Bill Gately and Noreen Barrett have resigned from their respective positions, Bill as Commodore and Noreen as Treasurer.  The Squadron owes them a big thank you for all the time and effort they have put into building the Squadron into what it is today.

At the October 12th General Membership Meeting the following were elected as new officers and directors:

Kenneth F. Nolan, Jr. - Commodore

Jonathan V. Phillips - Vice Commodore

Kristin Ellsion - Treasurer

JohnLynch - Fleet Captain Racing

Our remaining directors are John Drury, Fran Locke, Vicki Solomon, and Neil Ware.

We completed a very successful Sun Fiesta where over 70 individuals expressed interest in the Sailing Squadron.  These individuals will receive a special invitation to our next General Meetings on November 9 and January 11. It is very important for us to make these individuals feel welcome at these meetings.  As people join we must listen to them and get their input.  You can help to grow the squadron if you are willing to mentor new members as they join.

Starting this month the Secretary, Jim Fenn will publish summary Board Minutes in the Tell Tale.  Our goal is to keep members as informed as possible about the workings of the Board and the issues and solutions the Board deals with.  Knowing the facts will help everyone work together.

In the following months we will provide summary Treasurer's reports in the Tell Tale.  Again we want you to understand how the Squadron is being run.

Semi-permanent marks have been place in the Gulf off the Venice Inlet.  We are hoping that by doing this we will improve the racing experience, making it much easier to set up courses.  Our thanks to Norm Sooy for constructing the anchors and ground tackle and installing them.

We have several other items to consider as we approach the holiday season.

We need to have a boat or several boats in the holiday boat parade. 

We need bakers of holiday cookies for delivery to the bridge attendants.

(Last year Glenn & Debra Heydt baked over 50 dozen cookies.)

We just finished a successful Steak 'n Sail.  My thanks to Jamie Sooy, Master Chef Lou Salhany, Lois Abrams and Vicki Solomon for all the help in making this a successful event.

Fair Winds