Happy New Year Sailors!  The year 2016 is indeed a happy year for the Venice Sailing Squadron!  Vicki Solomon’s Holiday Party starting the season was an overwhelming, success as evidenced by the many toe-tapping fools still up dancing and laughing at 10:00 PM closing time (your Commodore included).  Further, the impact the extraordinary work of Ken Nolan and his Membership Committee is having a major positive impact on new member enrollments and new member initiatives.   We are now up to 96 members and rising. Vice Commodore Lou Salhany has really stepped up to the Acting Fleet Captain-Cruising function with new cruising initiatives and alternatives that will make this winter and spring exciting for our cruising sailors.  
Because you are reading this letter I know that Fran Locke has done a wonderful job as new Edtior of the TellTale and will catch every typo and mispelling in our newsletter.  Thank you for accepting this important assignment, Fran.  And a sincere thanks to Goree Waugh for being so generous with his time and expertise through this transition.

With the New Year beginning, please mark your calendar for Sunday May 22, 2016 for the Change of Watch event which this year will be held at Maxine Barrett Park in Venice.  This is one of our important “don’t miss” annual functions.  So don’t miss it!

Change of Watch?  Change of Watch?  What?  Already?  I haven’t even gotten started as Commodore (as so many people have candidly pointed out to me) and it is time to start planning a new slate of officers?  In that regard we will be establishing a nominating committee for the new Watch Year 2016-2017.  Please let me know if you have an interest in either serving on the nominating committee or are interested in filling one our open positions (Commodore, Fleet Captain-Cruising, Fleet Captain-Operations, Chair of Publicity Committee). We need your help.

Bill Gately