Happy Spring to all! As a native of the Frozen North I am now getting accustomed to fine weather all winter long. No longer do I get as excited about the arrival of the Spring season as I did years ago. That is, years ago when the rising strength of the sun warmed my pale face while shoveling the driveway for the umpteenth time. Or was that warmth from the exertion of shoveling? Well, whatever, let us count our blessings!

Oh, what a clever segue into our next topic:

Memorial Day Weekend Blessing of the Fleet

The Squadron has received a special invitation to the Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony that will be conducted by the Venice Yacht Club on the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, May 28, 2016. Participating Squadron members and crew are invited back to the Club for the post Blessing celebration.

Registered participating boats will gather in Roberts Bay at 3:30 PM and follow the City of Venice Police boat out to the Gulf. With the police boat as escort, and the City fire boat as caboose, the boats will go back through the Venice Inlet, towards the Venice Yacht Club T-dock and individually enter the basin next to Higel Park. When passing the grandstand at the Club the Master of Ceremonies will identify each boat and her crew as a member of the clergy performs the blessing. Music will be provided complements of the Venice High School Band. Crewmembers will be furnished a white memorial carnation to be dropped in the water after the boat is blessed.

Please plan on registering for this important event by emailing the Yacht Club’s Fleet Captain-Sail, Captain Blah, at wgately237@aol.com. There is no charge for participation in the event. Please sign up as soon as possible since the number of boats may have to be limited. Dressed ship and crew outfitted in summer whites is recommended. Please remember to come to the Yacht Club on that morning to pick up your complementary white carnations.

Shark’s Tooth Regatta April 9, 2016

The annual Shark’s Tooth Regatta will be held Saturday, April 9, 2016. This one day regatta is sponsored by the Venice Yacht Club and the Sarasota Bay Yachting Assn. and our Squadron members Norm Sooy, Ken Nolan, Jonathan Phillips, Rob Menson and Ben Rotteveel are providing important assistance with the numerous and time-consuming preparation, execution and post-race tasks associated with conducting this regatta. Please plan on participating in this one day pursuit race as either an entrant or by volunteering to be a crewmember on one of our member’s racing boats.

That is all,

Bill Gately