So far this year our first meeting, the first race and first event were canceled. We even had a rain issue over the summer with an event as well. This is proving to be an eventful - noneventful watch year with two hurricanes interfering with our schedule. It was good to finally have a VSS event and come together as a club at the community center last week. I am excited to get the season underway and past all this storm damage.

I and my colleagues on the VSS board have heard your suggestions, comments and complaints regarding the VSS events calendar. As a VSS member many of the criticisms were understandably valid. The calendar was reviewed and the events analyzed for ways they can be improved . An effort to incorporate your suggestions has been made and continues to be made as the season advances. It is our goal to create relevant, fun and cost efficient programming for the club that encourages seamanship and sailing education, fosters a stewardship of the sea, and promotes the Corinthian spirit in the greater sailing community.

Two upcoming events the Steak N Sail (29 Oct) and our picnic in Lemon Bay (4 Nov) are the result of our event soul searching efforts. The destination for the Steak N Sail will be Don Pedro Island, the first key south of Stump Pass. The Rum Bay Resort there has been a pleasure to work with and has given us a very attractive menu for a reasonable price. You can only get to the Rum Bay by water. Either you ride on boat down or take the road to Leve Rocks and take the water taxi. Please see the Vice Commodore’s statement for the event details. The other event on the horizon is a picnic being planned with the members of the Englewood Sailing Association. The location at Indian Mound Park over looks Lemon Bay and members are encouraged to bring their small boats out, as there is a launch for trailed boats there. Members with shallower drafts can make it down the ICW, anchor close to shore and dinghy in. The event details will be available soon as plans are still in the works with the ESA board.


The VSS is an organization of volunteers. There are plenty of opportunities to make a difference and lend a hand. This weekend the club will have a presence at the Venice Sun Fiesta. Please come out and support the club by making our tent a fun place to meet sailors. Also, the holiday party committee is forming and can use volunteers wanting to assist with decorating the room at the Venetian Hotel. Ray Ellison’s Membership Committee can use members who are interested in the club’s marketing outreach efforts. And Board vacancies exist for the cruising captain and events coordinator. Please contact me if you have an interest in volunteering with the club.