It is February and we are busy sailing. Sea temps are chilly but the days are getting longer as we make way into the VSS spring calendar. Club activities and programming are designed, planned and administered through the coordinated efforts of volunteers. This past weekend’s Windjammer regatta saw an example of such coordinated efforts from passionate volunteers. Sailors from multiple area SBYA sail clubs combined resources and collaborated their skills in producing a great regatta. Thanks to all the volunteers who gave of their time and expertise for this year’s sailing classic contest off Casey Key.

Sail training and education are important parts of the club’s mission and purpose. I recommend and strongly encourage VSS members to explore the sail training opportunities and courses available in the area. It’s a simple fact that training and sailing education advance the sport for everyone. VSS member Capt. Norm Sooey runs a sail training course that he makes available to VSS members. The month long program is for those who want to get acquainted with the skills necessary to sail a keel boat on the VSS race course. If are interested, please contact him for scheduling.

It’s inspiring to be working with so many dedicated volunteers, who share the sailing passion. More hands are needed to bolster the club’s existing efforts in carrying out it’s mission. The club’s membership committee could use the skills and expertise of talented members on the team. VSS activities are financed by the member dues, so the importance this committee to the club moving forward can not be understated. There is also a board position open for a newsletter editor. Volunteering is rewarding and a great way to play an active role in the sailing community. Once again, we encourage you to step up if you have the time and skills to lend towards this or any other of the club’s activities.If you are interested or want more information on how your skills can benefit the club, please feel free to contact me.

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Jonathan Phillips