A special expression of thanks to all of the volunteers and attending members who came out to the North Jetty to attend the 43rd VSS Change of Watch.  I appreciate the passion and seriousnessdemonstrated by the members and look forward to working both some familiar and new faces on the board. The board is actvely looking for enthusiastic members to fil the vacancies for the Ssocial Activities Director and Cruising Captain. If you have the inclination please feel free to contact the board members with ideas or questions.

The 2017 - 2018 VSS Watch Year Board

Commodore Jonathan Phillips

Vice Commodore Glenn Heydt

Fleet Captain Racing John Lynch

Secretary James Fenn

Treasurer Bryan O'neil

Fleet Captain Operations Miriam Stavely

Board Telltail Frances Locke

Board PR John Drury

Board Membership Raymond Ellison

Board Member Gerry Cashion

Board Activities Vacant

Board Cruising Vacant

All the best,

Jonathan Vincent Phillips

VSS Commodore