The tell tale is finally written. It's been delayed becuase of sailing, lot's of sailing. This past weekend saw a great effort between sailing clubs to pull off another successful Shark's Tooth Regatta. The race is part of the greater SYBA racing circuit and attracts sailors from all over the region. The regatta saw 13 boats register and race two races on the Venice offshore marks. The VYC provided the venue for the skipper's meeting and the awards after the racing. Much thanks to Bob Eppinger and Bill Gately for doing a great job at the yacht club. The regatta raised over $7,000 towards VYBA scholarships. It was also great to see so many VSS volunteers giving their time and skills to the event. It's what makes it possible.

One of the high lights of the awards ceremony on Saturday was the 2019 SBYA sailor of the year award. It was awarded to John Lynch for his achievements and contributions to the sport of sailing in the region. John received the award to a loud round of applause from the racing crews in the audience poolside at the yacht club.

I am really excited to introduce the candidate's for the next watch. This is the first time in 4 years that we have a complete board. The new watch brings with it leadership, sailing experience and enthusiasm that will lead the club forward. I can honestly say that I am leaving things better than when I inherited them. The continued success of the squadron is central and I am satisfied that the nominating committee's recommendations will continue to improve on the momentum of the past few years.

As this watch is not over just yet, I am pleased to mention again that Frank Hill has been organizing cruising events. He was approved by the board and the general membership last month and has been installed as the Cruising Captain. I am thrilled to see this component developing again.  Frank is looking for other boat owners who are willing to participate in raft ups and general day sailing. Also, qualified crew are welcome to come out. Drop Frank a line or sign up at the next member meeting.

The VYBA is looking for volunteers for their annual regatta on the 27th of April. The event based at the VYC has race courses on Robert's and on the Gulf.  It attracts over a hundred youth boaters from all over Florida. Opportunities to help out abound. Contact the VYBA director Tara Foster for more details and information,

Into the Season!

Jonathan Phillips