Ahoy and Happy New Year sailors! 

January is a busy month for the club. January 1st saw another Fly Boy's Regatta in honor of past VSS member Jack Hildebrand. The race course, just off shore was raced on with the newly purchased and recently set marks. The latest course is available on the VSS site Thanks to all the members who volunteered their time and expertise with this joint VYC project. Our "permanent" ocean marks and the plan to maintain them distinguish us among sailing clubs.

In an effort to get more people comfortable sailing and racing their boats, a new event is being added to the calendar. The event called Race Clinic will introduce VSS skippers and their crew to the VSS race course with on the water training in their own boats. The more skippers who participate in this racing simulation, the more realistic and fun it is for all participating. The Race Clinic will go over race course basics, such as gps and compass headings,  provide assistance with the PHRF handicapping system that gives boats a start time, and a review of saling rules as they pertain to right away on the water. The class is tentatively planed for Feb 17 interested VSS skippers and those looking to crew should send me a note about what you are looking for out of  this Intro to racing event.

The Wind Jammer is at the end of this month. The race is part of our regional SBYA racing association calendar.The race starts off of Big Pass in Sarasota with a finish line just offshore of the Venice Jetties. There is a party at the Venice Yacht Club for participants, crews and volunteers. The next day Sunday, the crews race back from Venice to Big Pass.  It takes the coordinated efforts of the VSS, SSS and VYC clubs to make this regional favorite happen. If you are interested in representing the VSS and volunteering at  this year's Wind Jammer the sign up is online on the VSS website.

After a few years of trying, we finally got a speaker from MOTE Marine to speak to us. I am excited about the next member meeting. I hope to see a big turnout as people are encouraged to bring their sailing friends to the event. We hope to see some more renewals from our membership family as we move into the the VSS season.

Into the New Year!

See you on the water, sail fast!