Fellow Sailors:
Attached are the results of Saturday's Buoy race and the standings at October 31, 2015 after one Distance Race and one Buoy Race.
All of the Class A boats have PHRF ratings as Racer/Cruisers, except Fruition whose PHRF rating is that of Cruiser.  To increase compatibility the Race Committee adjusted Fruition's rating downward to eliminate the extensive number of credits allowed in the Cruising rating.
All of the Class B boats have "Golf Handicap" ratings equal to their PHRF ratings and they will stay that way until the Race Committee develops a database sufficient to make appropriate adjustments.
The second buoy race was started but abandoned by the Race Committee before any boats reached the first mark since a projected finish time was too late for many of those involved in the race and those on the Committee boat. 
Bill Gately

VSS Fall Buoy Race Results Race Number 1


VSS Fall Standings