Juvenile Osprey Snake Island Venice Inlet ICW Florida                     photo courtesy Osprey.Media

Juvenile Osprey Snake Island Venice Inlet ICW Florida                  photo courtesy Osprey.Media

Today was pretty much JAPSDIP!  Sunny with decorative cumulous clouds and a 7-9 knot SW shifting to NW breeze.  The race was the usual 9 nm equilateral triangle with a pursuit start, marks to starboard.  Only five boats made it out and we started in the middle, after the start times for Irish Wake and Fruition and before Lulu and Raegan-e.  We took a long port tack off the line and tacked a total of four times to get around the windward mark and we were the first boat there, fairly closely followed by Raegan-e.  We had a pretty good hoist of our asymmetrical chute and pulled out on the fleet on a fairly tight reach.  After the gybe mark the wind continued to shift to the right until we were broad reaching.  Under those conditions, Fruition and Raegan-e began to close up the gap and as the reach broadened, Raegan-e pulled her pole back and sailed through our lee.  Too late, I decided that trying to soak down as low as Raegan-e was a mistake and we headed up to a hotter angle and gybed a couple of times to get to the finish line.  I think that helped quite a bit and we may have even gained a bit on her, but we finished second. Fruition was 3rd, Lulu 4th and Irish Wake 5th.  Cool Betty sailed around inside the course as our designated spectator boat.
Unfortunately, Flash was protested by Fruition (as we were yesterday) and so the outcome of the weekend and the season series will await the adjudication of those protests.