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Today was JASDIP (minus), with the minus possible due to the pretty strong breeze.  The forecast was for fairly light wind, but the reality was 15 – 18 knots from the NW over the racing period, as recorded by NOAA’s instruments on the pier.  I set up a fairly small triangle and called for sailing a triangle plus a windward-leeward, marks to port.  Only five boats came out, perhaps people were busy with holiday stuff.  I do know that Cat’s Meow is in a boatyard getting a bottom job.  Fruition jumped out to a pretty good lead in the first race and held on to the end.  None of the boats flew spinnakers, though Flash did drag one for a while in the second race.  There was very little passing after the first leg (maybe none) and the order of finish was Fruition, Raegan-e, Lulu, Flash and Blew Bayou but after making the time corrections, Fruition won, Blew Bayou was 2nd and Raegan-e was 3rd.  Lulu went in after the first race, probably because Bob Jensen was singlehanding her. In the second race, Fruition again led from the first mark on, with Raegan-e next, then Flash and Blew Bayou.  This time, after time corrections, Blew Bayou won, Fruition was 2nd and Flash was 3rd, even though we broke our jib sheets on the second beat and them went shrimping with the chute, as mentioned before.  Interestingly, the best showings of the day came from the largest (Fruition) and smallest (Blew Bayou) boats in the fleet, with each having a first and a second.
During the course of the race period the windward buoy dragged considerably.  Fortunately, we use Time on Time scoring so course length does not affect the results, but it does matter for the time margins between boats.  I will try to correct my course length estimates on the web site by examining my chart plotter tomorrow.
The results can be found from the VSS racing web site,