Today was an interesting day, to say the least, but not JAPSDIP.  Eight boats came out including Bob Jensen in his brand-new-to-him Olson 30, Lulu.  The rigging looks almost exactly as George Olson built it, with very few modifications.  I have been looking at it for the past week or so, trying to remember how mine was rigged 30 years ago.  It’s nice to seen another one of the great boats here in Venice.
It was very light for the first race, 4-6 knots starting from the WSW and shifting to the WNW, according to the NOAA instruments on he pier.  I had set an equilateral triangle with the first leg at 240O and sent the fleet around the triangle plus a windward leeward with marks to starboard.  Things went pretty well for us on Flash, but the persistent right shift was a bother.  The first group around the weather mark was Cat’s Meow, Lulu and Flash; however, when we went for our spinnaker we had a huge mess and Flyboy flew by and went bye-bye.  In the end, Cat’s Meow was first to finish, Lulu was second and Flyboy was 3rd; however, when I did the Time-on-Time corrections, Lulu was 1st, Cat’s Meow was 2nd and Blew Bayou corrected all the way up to 3rd.  I thing its pretty remarkable that Bob Jensen could come out in a boat that he’d only saied a bit and which he’d never raced and win.  Admittedly, an Olson 30 is one of the best light wind flyers ever, but still that was a great showing.
By the time everyone had finished the first race it started to rain lightly, the wind had increase in speed and shifted to about 300O, so I just reversed the direction and sent the remaining fleet of 5 boats around counterclockwise, marks to port.  As we were going through the starting dance, the wind shifted even further to the right so that some of us fetched the first mark without having to tack.  As the race progresses the wind, and particularly the rain, both increased.  The leaders were Flyboy and Cat’s Meow, with Flash a bit further back.  I’m not sure just who was in front most of the time, I do know that on the last leg Cat’s Meow somehow wandered off to leeward and took a sufficiently circuitous route to the finish so that we almost caught her.  In this race, almost every thing, including the spinnaker seemed to work well on Flash.  In the end, Flyboy finished first followed by Cat’s Meow and Flash.  On Corrected time, Flyboy won, we were 2nd and Cat’s Meow was 3rd.
All the results so far can be found at    Additionally, Flyboy, Cool Betty, Fruition (labeled Random Walk) and Flash all ran the RaceQs program on our cell phones and you can view our tracks at