Today was JAPSDIP for sure!  Mostly sunny with a 10-11 knot SSW breeze, as measured by the NOAA instruments on the Venice pier.  There we only five boats out today, with several of the regulars out of town and Jim Liston illness.  The race course was an equilateral triangle, 3 nm on a side, once around (9 nm total) with marks to starboard.  The first leg was a mostly port tack beat from the start to our offshore mark, “Curt”.  Blew Bayou was the first boat to start at 1:02:24 PM, followed by Opalina and Irish Wake, the Flash at 1:25:12 and Lulu last at 1:27:00.  I’m not sure what happened before our (Flash’s) start, but when we got going we were sailing a considerably higher line than the boats in front of us, and that continued for most of the leg.  That was nice for us, but not so good for the early starters.  When we did get to the windward mark, we were just in front of Opalina and a boat length behind Blew Bayou.  The next leg was a very broad reach on port tack, and we flew our cruising spinnaker to good effect, rolling over Blew Bayou right away and pulling further in front of the others, of which only Opilina flew a chute.  We gybed the chute at the second mark, “Tom”, but a third of the way down the final leg we decided that we could probably go faster without it, so we doused and finished with the Genoa.  In the end, we finished about 4 minutes in front of Lulu, Blew Bayou was third and Irish Wake was fourth.  Opalina actually cross the line in front of Irish Wake, but Norm Sooy, the Fleet Captain Racing and a crew member on Opalina, told me to score Opilina as DNF as there had been some sort of misstep at a mark.  To find out what happened you'll have to ask the Opalina crew.


All the results of all the races to date and both series standings can be found at  The only VSS races remaining this season are to be sailed in the VSS End of Season Regatta on May 16 & 17.  Next Weekend (4/25) we have the Sarasota Bay Cup Regatta at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron and on May 2nd VSS and VYC will host the Shark’s Tooth Cup.  You can find information of those events at as well.   I hope to see you out on the water soon.


I also hope to be starting up the Green Flash evening races in June, so keep you eyes open for announcements.