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Today was again JAPSDIP, with winds from the South at 10 knots in the beginning and dropping somewhat and backing a bit to SSE as the race went on.  We used the big, mostly virtual, nine nm triangle, going around it counterclockwise.  It was a pursuit race, with the slower boats starting early and the faster ones later.  Only six boats came out, which was a bit of a downer.  Raegan-e was sailed by members of Rolf's crew because Rolf is ill with the flu and Fruition also had guest sailors onboard as Bill Gately is suffering from freezing in the Great White North.  On Flash, we started behind Blew Bayou, Bella Mer and Fruition and in front of Raegan-e and Cat’s Meow.  On the first leg, a reach, we passed Fruition and were close to Bella Mer at the first mark, but on the second leg, a beat, Cat’s Meow moved out into a dominate lead which became a horizon job by the finish and both Fruition and Raegan-e passed us.  We came close to catching Raegan-e by the finish using our spinnaker, but we fell short by just under a minute.  The order of finish was Cat’s Meow, Fruition, Raegan-e, Flash, Bella Mer and Blew Bayou. Only Cat’s Meow and Flash used spinnakers.  The results are posted on the VSS Racing page and the standings will be up soon.