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Today we sailed the second New Year’s Day Regatta, which has been renamed “Flyboy’s New Year’s Day Regatta” in honor of Jack Hildebrand, owner of the C&C 99 Flyboy.  Jack was a VSS member, former VSS Board member and a good friend to many of us, who died on November 30, 2014 after a long bout with cancer. 
It was a pretty nice sailing day, mostly overcast with a light (5-8 knots, according to the NOAA instruments on the Pier) and seemingly ever-shifting breeze.  I set a eight nm “L” shaped course running from near the inlet one nm north to a buoy off Nokomis Beach and then three nm out to the new VSS offshore mark, where we all turned around and backtracked to the start-finish line.  It was a pursuit race, where the slower boats start early and then the rest of us try to catch them.  There were nine boats out, which was a nice surprise as I thought more people might be doing holiday stuff.  The first leg was a lopsided beat, which we managed fairly well on Flash, having to only make a short port tack hitch at the end of the leg to get around the buoy.  We caught and passed a few boats on the leg and rounded in front of Raegan-e, Lulu and Cat’s Meow, the boats which started behind us.  On the next leg both Lulu and Raegan-e quickly passed us as we struggled a bit getting our spinnaker up and Cat’s Meow worked up to windward before setting her chute.  When we finally got going Cat’s Meow was by as well.  At first it looked like we were gaining some on Raegan-e and Lulu, both of whom were using Genoas, but eventually the wind lightened and shifted from north to northwest and we began to lose again because the angle was too tight for the chute.  I delayed much too long making the decision the we should douse the chute, so that by the next mark we were hopelessly behind Raegan-e, Lulu, Fruition and Cat’s Meow.  The third leg was a broad reach and we passed C’est sea Bon and then trailed the first four to the finish.  The final order was Raegan-e, Cat’s Meow, Fruition, Lulu, Flash, C’est Sea Bon, Elf Shu, Blew Bayou and Cool Betty.
The results can be seen at
I just love sailing a race on New Year’s Day and having to warn my crew to put on some sunblock!