January 16, 2016 Distance Race
Today was the VSS distance race of 9nm triangle, the winds were out of the south 8 to 10 knots at the 1300 start time, the seas were a little lumpy as we made a counter clock pursuit.  As the race continued the winds shifted to the west and seemed to diminish as the A class racers finished.  1st in was Reagan e 15:45:06, 2nd in was Flash 15:27:23, 3rd in Fruition 16:08:07.
The B class was just coming to the second mark at 16:25:00 when it was decided that they would not make the 17:00:00 finish time so the race committee made a decision to cancel the race due to the light air and declared that the B class boats would be scored at their present positions at that time.  1st was Bella Mer, 2nd Irish Wake, 3rd Opalina, 4th Sabbatical, DNF Joy steering problem, DNF Random Walk time factor.  
Norm Sooy
VSS Fleet Racing