This was a 4.2   NM race course.

The first race was a pursuit start for all racers/cruisers.

Fruition 14.11.34,  

Flash DNF,

Reagan-e DNF,

Seas The Day DNF,

Cool Betty 14.27.?,

Sabbatical DNF.

The second race was a Rule 26, start at 14.34.

 Reagan-e 3.34.35 DNF,

Fruition 3.35.15,

Flash 3.35.39 DNF.

Seas The Day 3.47.47 DNF.

Cool Betty 3.50.12.

Sabbatical out.

 The first race Protest Flash against Fruition
 Second race Protest Fruition against Flash
 Second race Flash and Reagan-e against Fruition

 The first race Fruition came in first for racers the others were DNF.
 The first race for cruisers Cool Betty was first the other cruisers DNF.

 The second race rule 26 start Fruition first the others DNF.
 The second race for cruisers rule 26 start was Cool Betty first  the other cruisers DNF/drop out.
 Currently both A races are under protest.  FlashReagan-e is protesting Fruition's two finishes.