This is a reminder that the next VSS Buoy Race day is this Saturday.  The Skippers’ Meeting will be at Higel Park at 1100 and the first race is scheduled to start at 1300 about 0.5 nm west of the Inlet. Don’t forget that the skippers’ meeting is a good place to find a crew or a crew position.


VSS has installed five (more-or-less) permanent buoys, so the Sailing Instructions (SI) and course diagrams have been modified to reflect this. We now have 5 buoys out that provide more course choices, soplease download and understand the attached “Courses” PDF .  The courses described are either 3 or 5 nm in length.  Of course, we can construct other courses of other lengths, but for the time being we’ll just stick with these two distances.  As a consequence, I have constructed a PDF that has start times for 3 and 5 nm.  Make sure you use the correct one for the race I announce.  I’m also attaching a course diagram that depicts the presently available courses.


Keep up with what’s going on with the VSS races by checking Races/VSS Racing.html on a regular basis.  There is lots of useful information there.


As of now, Monday evening, the weather forecast is for a 13-17 knt easterly with bright sunlight, but who believes any forecast that far out?


I hope to see you out there.