Today's distance race was a 9.1 nm pursuit counter clock triangle race.  It seemed that the first mark Tom had moved somewhat to the NE .5 nm from the given course.  This was corrected by the 1st boat to round Tom , was Opalina Lou Salhhany which helped the rest of the fleet to adjust to Toms .5 correction. The winds were 15 to 18 knots out of the east south east with some clouds and sun with a light chop.  The final results are: 

  • 1st Fruition finished time 15:12:44. 
  • 2nd Seas The Day finish time 15:20:30.
  • 3rd Flash finish time 15:25:35.
  • 4th Irish Wake finish time 15:30:24,
  • Opalina DNF. 
  • Bella Mer DNS a problem with their jib needed repairing  so they dropped out before the start.



VSS Race Captain
Norm Sooy