Please look at the final official results for the fall and winter racing season.  Listed below is the A racing fleet and B cruiser fleets results.
 Norm Sooy
 Fleet Racing Captain

 VSS distance race for 17 Oct, 2015:
 Racing 1st Flash, 2nd Fruition, 3rd Reagan e, 4th Lulu.
 Cruising 1st Irish Wake, 2nd Blew Bayou, 3rd Seas The Day, 4th Sabbatical.

 VSS Buoy race 31 Oct 2015:
 Racers 1st Fruition, 2nd Lulu, 3rd Flash, 4th Raegan e.
 Cruisers 1st Sabbatical, 2nd Opalina, 3rd Irish Wake, 4th Seas The Day, 5th Blew Bayou

 VSS 21 Nov 2015 Abandoned

 VSS Buoy Race 12 Dec2015:
 Racers 1st Fruition, 2nd Flash, 3rd Lulu.
 Racers 1st Fruition, 2nd Flash, 3rd Lulu,
 Cruisers 1st Blew Bayou. 2nd Seas The Day, 3rd Bella mer, 4th Irish Wake, 5th Sabbatical

 VSS Buoy Race 2 Jan 2016
 1st race A fleet racers: 1st Fruition, 2nd Flash,3rd Reagan e.
 2nd race A fleet racers: 1st Reagan e, 2nd Fruition, 3rd Flash.
 1st race  B fleet:  1st Cool Betty, 2nd Seas The Day, 3rd Sabbatical.
 2nd race B fleet:  1st Seas The Day, 2nd Cool Betty, 3rd Sabbatical.

 VSS Distance race 16 Jan 2016:
 Racers 1st Reagan e,  2nd Flash, 3rd Fruition.
 Cruisers 1st Bella Mer, 2nd Irish Wake, 3rd Opalina, 4th Sabbtical.

 VSS Buoy race 6 Feb 2016
 Racers 1st Fruition, 2nd Reagan e, 3rd Flash
 Cruisers 1st Bella Mer, 2nd Opalina.

 VSS distance race 20 Feb 2016
 Racers A fleet: 1st Reagan e, 2nd Flash, 3rd Fruition.
 Cruisers B fleet:  1st Opalina, 2nd Irish Wake, 3rd Joy.