VSS First Race of 2016-2017 Season

- Saturday October 1, 2016 


A new VSS Sailing Season will be starting next Saturday.

This year, at least in the beginning, the race management of the VSS races will be provided by Green Flash Sailing (GF).  GF will design the courses, run the skippers' meetings, provide the Sailing Instructions (SI), run the races and record the results.  We will attempt to do these things in accordance with what we understand the Squadron's racers preferences are. 

For the first few races, we will be running pursuit races very much like those that were used for the GF races, with the exception that we may have Ken Nolan's Committee Boat on the course helping us out.   Most races will be scheduled to start at 1300 (1 PM) about 0.5 nm WSW of the Venice Inlet. 

The Skipper's meetings will be held at Higel Park at 1100 on race days.  It will be advisable for you to come to these meetings, especially the first ones, as things may be a bit fluid. Additionally, if your looking for crew or trying to crew on a boat, the Skippers' Meeting is the best place to look.  Show up a bit early.

The Sailing Instructions will be coming out in the next few days.  Everything you need to know will be on the Green Flash website at http://www.greenflashsailing.com/ and you will be deluged with emails.

Here are links to documents that you will need for the races:

Our racing schedule is listed below.

2016 VSS Racing Schedule (Subject to Revision)

10/01/16                 VSS Races

10/01/16                 Bayshore Gardens YC

10/15/16                 VSS Races

11/05/16                 Sarasota YC Invitational

11/12/16                 VSS Races

11/19/16                 VSS Races

      2017 Events Will Be Added Soon

Let's all get out on the water and make the VSS Racing Series a great success. 


John Lynch