Today's distance race was a perfect day in paradise.
 We had 6 boats out 3 racers and 3 cruisers

 1st Reagan e finish time 15:27:52,

 2nd Flash finish time 15:34:45,

 3rd Fruition finish time 15:35:20.


 1st Opalina finish time 16:11:04,

 2nd Irish Wake finish time 16:12:14,

3rd Joy finish time 16:17:00.

 This was a 9 Nm triangle course and in a counter clock direction at 13:00 hours.  It was sunny all day, with light easterly winds for the start.  The winds shifted from SE to
SW by the time all boats finished at 16:12:14.
Norm Sooy
 VSS, Fleet Captain Racing