I have made a first cut at the NOS (notice of Series) and the SI (Sailing Instructions) .  I think the NOS is close to being correct but the SI do need some additions.  They along with the other material I provided earlier plus more are also available on the GF website,  Please look this material over and make suggestions and corrections.  Last week Bill Walker and I moved around some of the buoys so that attached material has some incorrect labels.  “D” is now at “Irma” and “G” and “C” are now at “Jose”, the start –finish area.  I hope to make a trip back out in the next few days to get better positions and I’ll update the course information after that.  In any case, the attached courses and start times are still good enough for our purposes.

This is a reminder that the next VSS Buoy Race day is this Saturday – it should be the first of the new 2017-18 season as there was no race on the 7th. The Skippers’ Meeting will be at Higel Park at 1100 and the first race is scheduled to start at 1300 about 0.1/4 nm west of the Inlet. Don’t forget that the skippers’ meeting is a good place to find a crew or a crew position.

We have installed some (more-or-less) permanent buoys and, with a little luck, they will still be there Saturday.  Please download and understand the attached “Courses” PDF .  The courses described are both 5 nm long, we will just sail them clockwise or countorclockwise.  Of course, we could construct other courses of other lengths, but for the time being we’ll just stick with 5 nm.  I have linked to a pdf of pursuit start times for 5 nm races, which you should have on board. Make sure you use the correct time for your planned spinnaker use.  REMEMBER – BOTH the starttimes and Courses attachments are new, so print them out.

I’ve also linked to a pdf of the provisional combined VSS – SBYA and Green Flash race calendar.  Watch out, because it’s bound to change.

Keep up with what’s going on with the VSS races by checking Races/VSS Racing.html on a regular basis.  Lots of info will be added soon.

I hope to see you out there.