Next weekend is the end of the VSS 2017-18 racing season.  The format for both days will be the same as we have been using for the past three months, starting nominally at 1:00 PM about 1/ 4 NM  SW of the Venice Jetties.  The courses offered will be around our nominally 5 NM equilateral triangle, clockwise or counterclockwise either once or twice.  I’ll try to check out the positions of marks “Irma” and “Maria” later in the week and provide new Start Time matrices and Course descriptions if necessary.  As of last race day the marks were in the positions as described by the attachments, but perhaps you shouldn’t print them out until I’ve checked them.

This regatta will do double duty as a stand alone regatta to determine the City Championship for the 2017-18 season and the races will also count in the VSS Spring Series, just like all the races in February through April.

As of now, SailFlow is predicting fine weather both days with sunny skies and light to moderate breezes, but who believes any forecast?  I expect sea breezes around 10 knots with warm and sunny weather.

There will be an 11:00 AM skippers’ meeting at Higel Park, at least on Saturday.  Don’t forget that the meeting is a good time to try to find a crew position on a boat or to find sailors looking for a looking for a crewing opportunity.

I hope that we can find a place Sunday afternoon to meet after the race, pass out some trophies, announce the results and share sea stories.

I hope to see you out this weekend,