The Course has changed and you must change the mark positions in your GPS!

We are beginning to install the new marks so the course has been squared up and returned to its original dimensions and equilateral triangular shape.  We have left the mark I have been calling “Irma” in its most recent position but adjusted “Maria” (now called “South” on the chart but soon to become “A”) and “S-F” (will keep that name).  A new chart is available and you should correct the positions of “South” and “S-F” to be those shown on the chart.  “Irma” and “North” should already be the same.  As you can see there are two other new marks that make up a larger (9 nm around) triangle and it is planned to install two new marks there soon but they will not be used right away.

The triangle has been rotated back to the original layout, with counter-clockwise courses being S-F to North 300 deg T; North to South 180 deg.T; South to S-F 60 deg T.  Clockwise being S-F to South 240 deg T; South to North 360 deg T; North to S-F 120 deg T.  Each leg is 1.66667 nm (1 2/3 nm).

Since the course length is shorter (5 nm) I have changed the start-time sheet (linked).

The skippers’ meeting will be at Higel Park at 1100 hr.  That’s a good place to recruit crew if you need some more and also a good place to get a crew position on a boat for the races.  I always try to accommodate any one who wants to go sailing.

We now have three throw-outs and we won’t get four until we have a total of 11 races completed. 

Our next VSS race day is Saturday 12/15 and after that the Green Flash Flyboys New Years Day Regatta will be on Tuesday 1/1/19. 

I hope to see you out next Saturday!