This is to remind you that our nex race day is Saturday, tomorrow, November 10th.

The format will be the same as it was last season and in October.  We only have one buoy left after the recent storms (Maria disappeared after Michael) so I hope to be able to replace Maria with an inflatable before Saturday’s races.  Rolf Hahn checked the position of Irma and found it to be within a couple of boat lengths of its posted position.   I Have attached the details of the course, start times for the boats I know of and other information that you may need. 

There is a promise of a new batch of buoys being bought this season, funded by money left over from the Windjammer and Shark’s Tooth regattas.  I believe they have been ordered so we may have them by the end of the year.

The skippers’ meeting will be at 1100 on Saturday at Higel Park, just as it has been for some time and the first race is scheduled to start at 1300 at the Start Finish (“SF”)  mark.  The races will be pursuit style, with the slower boats starting first and the faster ones later. 

It will be important to come to that meeting as there may be new things to discuss.  If you are boatless the skippers meeting is a good place to find a ride and, obviously, if you need crew it’s also the place to be.  I try my best to find a berth for anyone who shows up.

The weather Saturday is predicted to be warm, but the Sailflow prediction is for light northerly winds with possible rain later in the afternoon, but who believes such a forecast!  Certainly not me!  It will be JAPSDIP.