VSS Race Day Saturday, 4/13

This is a reminder that the next VSS race day is Saturday.  The drill is as usual, skippers’ meeting at Higel Park at 1100 and the start at 1300, with luck.  If conditions warrant we will have two races.  The skippers’ meeting is a good place to catch a ride or to pick up needed crew. 

Mark “D” vanished and has now been replaced by mark “E”, which was placed where “D” was earlier this season, so the equilateral triangle has now been restored.  There are some new courses added which we may use.  There is also a new Start Time matrix to go along with the courses, and it and the courses are attached

As of now, Thursday evening, the SailFlow forecast looks great, 8-12 knots from the south, cloudy with temps in the mid 70s.  JAPSDIP

Come on out and have some fine sailing!