Vice Commodore's Corner February

Greetings everyone.

Our attempt to get a day-sail in for January was washed out, but February will work out better. So we are putting together a day sail on Saturday, February 10th to see if we can generate any interest in just sailing together. We plan on heading out of the Jetty at about 1:00. There is no set course, just head for a sailboat and shout "Ahoy!" as you pass by.

Vice Commodore's Corner January

Greetings from the VSS Vice Commodore's Corner.  I hope everyone had a very happy, safe, and satisfying holiday season! 

Vice Commodore's Corner

A big " Thank You " to all who braved the Icy wind and waves.  You made this year's Steak & Sail fun and memorable, even if no-one could sail there.  If anyone has pictures of the event that they'd like to share with the squadron, we'd love to display them on the web site.  This was a wonderful way to get to know  new members, as well as to visit with existing members.  I hope we have many more fun filled events together.

A special Thanks to Keith Embree who took the time to motor down to the area and report depths of Stump Pass and the channel from the ICW to Rum Bay.  Even though we couldn't sail down, the information was critical.  Thanks again Keith!

Glen Heydt
VSS Vice Commodore

Bridge Tender Cookies

Greetings from the VSS Vice Commodore's Corner.  I hope everyone had a very happy, safe, and satisfying holiday season! 

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention the tremendous support we received this year for the Bridge Tender Cookie drive.  Thank you again to the many ladies who baked cookies and helped to  create some of the best cookie plates ever.  The variety and quality of this year's cookies was outstanding, and I'm sure VSS is held in high esteem with the bridge tenders because of your skill and effort.  Thank you all.

We also had tremendous support from Santa, John Lynch, who once again charmed southwestern Florida with his merry " Ho, Ho, Ho ".  I especially appreciate his efforts in this event as John has been trying to retire from the Santa scene.  I hope he has just one more year in him!  Thanks, John.  The cookie drive would never be the same without you.

The cookie elves showed up in great numbers this year as well, and though we didn't have quite enough elves to make 2 groups this year, our single group was large enough to really draw some attention.  The bridge tenders were very thankful as they are every year, and they appreciate being recognized in a job where they're mostly ignored.  Thank you, elves.  You did a great job!


Steak & Sail Update.

Steak & Sail Update.

For those adventurous sailors thinking of sailing down to the Rum Bay Restaurant for the Steak & Sail, I have some important information. 

Steak & Sail

Steak & Sail

Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 2:00 PM

Rum Bay Restaurant at Palm Island Resort

7092 Placida Road Cape Haze, FL33946

(941) 697-0566

This will be an exciting opportunity to get together at a location that can be reached by land or sea.  The scenery will be beautiful and the food will be fantastic.  Please join us at this wonderful getaway to kick off the sailing season.