We're looking forward to this year's Steak & Sail and it's coming up!  It's not too late to sign up.  If interested in going, please E-mail me at vicecommodore@venicesailingsquadron.org

For those adventurous sailors thinking of sailing down to the Rum Bay Restaurant for the Steak & Sail, I have some important information. 

If sailing in the Gulf and down to Stump Pass, the Pass is open and the depth is as has been reported to me by Charlotte County as 5.4 ft. deep @ it's shallowest point.  Luckily we have a sporting member who went down there in one of his boats so we don't have to rely only on the government.

Keith Embree was kind enough to go and see what it's like down there in person.  He states the minimum depth on the Stump Pass channel was 5 ft. just as he approached the shoreline.  The rest of the channel was 8 ft. plus.  He says enter the ICW 75 yards south of marker 17A.  As always use caution.                                             

Keith also reported that the Rum Bay channel from the ICW is 6 ft. plus over @ the docks with good depth for anchorage on the NE side of the channel.  The staff @ Rum Bay said that they have never have seen a sailboat in their channel, but the captain for the water taxi thought the depth was over 5 ft.  So again, proceed with caution.  Please look up tide information with your own sources and keep it in mind.           

For those going by way of the ICW,  we checked on the Circus Bridge as we knew it was under maintenance.  We were informed that the bridge would be operating as normal on Sunday the 29th.  Make sure you return on Sunday if using the ICW, as the workers will continue their maintenance and the bridge will not be opening on demand during the week. 

For those of you driving, we look forward to seeing you there. 

Glenn Heydt