Greetings from the VSS Vice Commodore's Corner.  I hope everyone had a very happy, safe, and satisfying holiday season! 

I wanted to take this opportunity to mention the tremendous support we received this year for the Bridge Tender Cookie drive.  Thank you again to the many ladies who baked cookies and helped to  create some of the best cookie plates ever.  The variety and quality of this year's cookies was outstanding, and I'm sure VSS is held in high esteem with the bridge tenders because of your skill and effort.  Thank you all.

We also had tremendous support from Santa, John Lynch, who once again charmed southwestern Florida with his merry " Ho, Ho, Ho ".  I especially appreciate his efforts in this event as John has been trying to retire from the Santa scene.  I hope he has just one more year in him!  Thanks, John.  The cookie drive would never be the same without you.

The cookie elves showed up in great numbers this year as well, and though we didn't have quite enough elves to make 2 groups this year, our single group was large enough to really draw some attention.  The bridge tenders were very thankful as they are every year, and they appreciate being recognized in a job where they're mostly ignored.  Thank you, elves.  You did a great job!