Greetings everyone.

Our attempt to get a day-sail in for January was washed out, but February will work out better. So we are putting together a day sail on Saturday, February 10th to see if we can generate any interest in just sailing together. We plan on heading out of the Jetty at about 1:00. There is no set course, just head for a sailboat and shout "Ahoy!" as you pass by.

We’re heading back and hoping to be docked in time to meet at Marker 4 for a few drinks / appetizers /dinner by 4:00 -4:30 to get there before the evening rush. If interested in attending, please let me know by e-mailing me a with the following:

· Your phone #

· If you will be sailing your own boat, or if volunteering to crew

· If you own a boat, how many crew you are willing to take with you.

· How many are interested in meeting at Marker 4 afterwards. Everyone takescare of their own tabs.

· If you’re only interested in meeting us at Marker 4 afterwards, e-mail your intentions so we can get a more accurate count. We’d love to see you.

Once we receive your responses, we will match crew up with boat owners. If we have more crew than boats, we will let you (crew) know as soon as possible and put you on the top of the list for crewing on our next day sail. I know, it’s not a perfect plan, but it is a plan and will get some of us out on the water.

We currently have 3 boats and 16 potential crew, so if anyone else with a boat is interested, that’s our weak point. I realize that this is a rather short sail, but we’re just trying to see if we can get any boats out on the water for such an outing. If so, we can plan for longer or more frequent day sails and destination sails.

Of course, if you have any suggestions, or questions, please feel free to contact me by phone or E-mail. We hope to see you on the water.


Glen Heydt