• Higel Park (map)
  • 724 El Dorado Dr
  • Venice, FL, 34285
  • United States

Subject:  Venice Sailing Squadron - February 28 Member Day Sail - S.O.S. to Boat Owners and Notice to Members

Fellow Sailors: 

This Sunday, February 28, 2016, we are having our members' day sail.  We have 28 members signed up so far and 7 sailboats participating.

Here are only three requests to boat owners: 

1.   If you have an operational sailboat, please sign up for the event, we badly need boats and you badly need to prime the pump!

2.  Please go to Higel Park for your guests to board your boat at 1:30 PM.  If there is no room at Higel Park call Bill Gately and maybe he could have you hold up on the T-Dock at the nearby Yacht Club. 

3.  Please make sure you have sufficient extra life vests.

 Here are a mere 7 requests to the guests: 

1   If you would like to go for a sail on Sunday, please let me know and then be at Higel Park at 1:00 PM and we will depart for the sailboats at 1:30 PM.

2.  Dress appropriately!  It could rain and it can get cool out on the water even if the sun is shining. 

3.  Wear appropriate footwear, no open toes, sandals, flip flops etc.  Boats have many special things on deck designed to break your toes.

4.  Wear shoes with light colored soles to keep from leaving black scuff marks on your host's deck.  Unless you are sailing with Commodore

 Bill Gately.  Bill believes that nothing cleans his non-skid deck surfaces like two or three guests hard at work scrubbing their black scuff marks off his deck for two or three hours after each sail!

5.  Bring you own life jacket if you have one.  If you do not, one will be provided to you. 

6.  Pray for good weather and fair winds.

 7.  Following the day sail, and providing you behave properly, there will be festivities to follow at either Marker 4 or Salty Dog restaurant!

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!