Windjammer sail boat race off Casey Key, Florida Gulf of Mexico

Windjammer sail boat race off Casey Key, Florida Gulf of Mexico

Venice Windjammer

Venice Sailing Squadron is hosting, in conjunction with Venice Yacht Club and the Sarasota Sailing Squadron the ninth edition of the Windjammer regatta on January 27th and 28th.

The regatta consists of two races, one on Saturday from Sarasota Big Pass and then back to Big Pass on Sunday.  We expect somewhere around 20 boats to compete but hope for more.  The fleet will be in Venice on Saturday night but will not be together on Friday or Sunday nights. 

There will be festivities atthe VYC on Saturday and SSS on Thursday, February 1 for the awarding of prizes.

The courses will be selected from several options that incorporate a government mark near Big Pass and some selected from an array maintained by VSS offshore of Venice.  The will be between ~ 11 nm and 17 nm in length and the choice will be made according the conditions at start time.

The Saturday race is scheduled to start from Big Pass at 1200 on Saturday and from Venice at 1100 on Sunday, but postponements may occur because of sailing conditions (waiting for wind, for example).

The races are “Pursuit” format.  Each boat is provided with a handicap by West Florida Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (WFPHRF <>) that attempts to handicap the boats’ speed by its physical characteristics (not the skill of the crew, unlike what is done in recreational golf or bowling).  The handicap is expresses in seconds per nautical mile, and so if we know the course length and each boat’s handicap we can calculate how much longer it will take a slower boat to sail the course than a faster one.  For example, if boat A has a handicap of 100 and boat B’s is 200 and the course is 10 nm long, we would give boat B a 100 s/nm x 10 nm = 1000 s head start and, in principle, A will catch B right at the finish line.  Sometimes it comes out that way.